Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Launch of Born to Fly

It's officially here--

Diana Scimone's e-book, Born to Fly, is available for purchase. I've read it and think it's a fantastic story. Diana has written a beautiful allegory that is entertaining and teaches kids how to make wise choices and avoid traffickers (here portrayed as "Dream Thieves") in a meaningful and age-appropriate way. As she says on her organization's website, wherever kids receive awareness training, the rate of child sex trafficking plummets.

The book is $5.99, and proceeds go to Born 2 Fly International to help prevent child sex trafficking. Consider purchasing one for yourself or as a gift for someone else. It's a very sweet story and more importantly, every dollar will have a tangible impact on the fight against child trafficking.

See the Born to Fly Facebook page and read an excerpt from the story on There is even a chapter-by-chapter curriculum for teachers and parents, available here, to help children learn and process what they are reading.

Congratulations, Diana! What an accomplishment. I am thrilled that your hard work has paid off and I know that this book will serve such a practical and honorable purpose: educating and protecting children before they can become tricked and exploited.

More on Diana and Born2Fly:

Born to Fly International founder and director Diana Scimone is ajournalist who has traveled to more than 40 countries including Sudan, Zimbabwe, Thailand, China, and India. In 2003 she founded PawPaw’s Pals, Inc.—now called Born to Fly International—to respond to some of the most critical needs she has seen among the world’s children.

In the past, the non-profit organization has donated tens of thousands of dollars to help tsunami victims in Indonesia, India, Thailand, and Sri Lanka; childen in Vietnam disfigured by land mines; child slaves kidnapped in Sudan; AIDS orphans in Zimbabwe, and many other children around the world who live in tragedy, war, disease, and degradation.

Today Born to Fly International is focused solely on stopping the worldwide pandemic of child sex trafficking.

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